Thumbs-Up for Change

Close-up of blue thumbs up computer icon on a keyboard button.

Today I have some exciting news for you, dear friends. I’ve finally taken the plunge and combined Rays of Light, Polished Pearls and Peace Pix into this one convenient site —polished pearls dot org. There are far too many Rays of Light blogs to transfer over, so I’ve only added the last one. However, ROL will stay up so everyone can access the archives whenever they like. There is also a direct link to ROL on the sidebar to the left for your convenience.

I do apologize in advance for the continuation of the advertisements, I plan to be ad-free as soon as I can, but that does cost a pretty penny so I wasn’t able to take care of that just yet.
If, by chance, you follow the ROL blog, but not the Polished Pearls, please be sure to go ahead and hit the follow button so you will continue to get notifications of new posts, since I will only rarely be posting at the actual ROL site. —By the Way, this new website is supposed to be better formatted to your phones.

And finally, I want to thank everyone who has been a part of this blog by reading and sharing these posts year after year, and encouraging me to continue in this ministry. Your faithfulness to the blog has kept me going even in the weary seasons, thus you have been my faithful partner in spreading the news of God’s love across the globe. Some sow seeds, some water…. We’re all in this together 😀
God Bless.

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