This Book

“Never compare this Book with other books. This Book is from heaven. It does not contain the Word of God; it is the Word of God. It is supernatural in origin, eternal in duration and value, infinite in scope and Divine in authorship. Read it through! Pray it in! Write it down.”

~ “Apostle of Faith” Smith Wigglesworth speaking of the Holy Bible.

Of this book, he also said:

“Some like to read the Bible in the Hebrew. Some in the Greek. I like to read it in the Holy Ghost.”

Mr. Wigglesworth, I like the way you think!

3 thoughts on “This Book

  1. Leslie

    Wish this had a “like” button. I’d press it a couple of times. I love people who can write. Words are like paint. You can create the most beautiful picture with words….Mr. Wigglesworth is a gifted artist; except his canvas is the heart, and his paintbrush the word.



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