Oopart ‘N Me

I thought I would share one of my favorite websites with you.
OOPARTS and ancient High Technology
(photo credits: s8int.com)

No, ooparts aren’t goofy-looking workers at the Willy Wonka factory; only Oompa-Loompas are allowed there. They are found in some very unlikely places though, which accounts for their unusual label. An oopart is an Out Of Place Artifact. These objects, which are found in seemingly impossible contexts, greatly challenge the normative theories of history archaeology and paleontology.

You can find several hundred pages worth of material at this website which blows scientific theories of evolution and other non-creation worldviews out of the water –photos and all. Even if you are not into science and history, there is some awesome stuff on this site. Why not check it out.

-Proof that dinosaurs walked with man
-Photographic evidence of pre-flood cities under the oceans
-Ancient technology equivalent to that of today

… and much, much more

As for me, I plan to spend the remainder of this cold winter evening in front of a fireplace checking out the newest oopart discoveries. You have to love computer technology! Speaking of computers…….. check out the ooparts site.

Disclaimer: This website is very vast. There are many contributors, many links and various interpretations of facts. I do not accept everything that is found within the site and neither should you. Like every other resource available, please exercise wisdom and discretion.

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